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Save Time and Money with FREE Property Management Software!
Unlimited # of Users, Properties, Units, Tenants and Applicants!
Better Background Checks = Less Tenant Turnover = Better Profits
Free Management Reports to Help You Manage Your Rentals Efficiently!

What Is Real Tenant History®?

Free Property Management Software Forever

Real Tenant History is a revolutionary Property Management Software program created by landlords for landlords. It offers one-of-a-kind property management and tenant background check tools to help landlords and property managers like you …


  • Free Property Management Software with unlimited # of: Users, Communities, Apartment/Units, Tenant records, Applicant records, unlimited storage space for your leases, pet agreements, and other records
  • Keep your information safe with our world-class security systems
  • Get help when you need it with our 24/7 Customer Service Support, (phone, email, chat)
  • Training videos to help increase your revenue, save money and maximize profits.
  • Select better tenants, with better background check and tenant review tools, and enjoy higher profits!

    Better background checks = Better tenants and less turnover =Better ROI.

  • FREE advertising on your available rental units (beginning January 2016)!
  • Easy to use Management Reports that help you maximize profits!
  • Save time and money with our easy-to-use Rent Roll and Tenant Payment History tools.
  • Know who’s moving into your apartment! Discover the (Tile Score) and Landlord reviews of prospective tenants.
  • Provide reviews on your departing tenants for other landlords.
  • Save Hundreds of dollars on Landlord FORMS, customized for your State!
  • Relax with our countless other low priced services, including; Landlord/Property Management Forms for nearly every State in the US, web design and hosting,
  • Earn Money and Savings with our promotions like; Refer-a-Friend program, and monetary credits for each tenant and applicant review you submit.

Explore this website for further details. And if you’d like a demonstration of what our program can do for you, contact Real Tenant History today.



 FREE Property Management Software

While some property management companies offer their software free for 7-30 days, Real Tenant History is FREE-forever!  With your FREE BASIC MEMBERSHIP you’ll enjoy unlimited # of users, unlimited # of rental communities, unlimited # of users, unlimited # of tenant files, and unlimited # of prospective renter files.  You can post your other files (leases, pet agreements, etc) on our site, so you’ll keep everything in one place.  Access it 24/7, from anywhere.  Your files are safely stored on the cloud.

Real Tenant History will save you time, money and help you run a more professional landlord/property management business.

Basic Membership is FREE.  There’s no risk.  No obligation to use it.  Cancel any time. 

So register today:  Click Here.

 Unlimited Background Checks

After you see the value in our Basic Membership, we trust you’ll also see the outstanding value in our Premium Membership.  It’s only $9.99/month and includes Unlimited Background Checks!

We like to say, “Better Background Checks = Better Tenants and Less Turnover = Better ROI.”

But Unlimited Background Checks isn’t all you get at the Premium membership level.  You’ll also enjoy Work-Order Processing features (including initiating work orders, and managing unit and tenant expense) and Management Reports features (including; Applicant/Application Reports, Tenant and Lease reporting,  Vacancy Reports, Full Unit, Apartment and Community Reports) and more!

Save time!  Save $100’s to $1000’s of dollars.  There’s no obligation. Cancel anytime. Only $9.99/mo.

Register today for Premium Membership.  Click Here.

We not only think you’ll see the outstanding value of Premium membership, we think you’ll love our Premium Plus membership for only $19.98/month.

Premium Plus members get the deepest discounts on Forms, plus gets your first Form FREE!

Register for Premium Plus membership.  Click Here.

 Maximize Your Profits!

Real Tenant History is an ideal partner to help you maximize your real estate investing business. From Free Property Management Software. To Unlimited Background Checks. From Free Advertising of your available units.  To 24/7 customer support… Easy to use program, better management reports,  and managing your business, applicants, tenants and properties, you can’t afford NOT to use Real Tenant History!

While we strongly suggest you join as a FREE – Basic Member, at least register with our community of investors, and enjoy a FREE Thank you gift of one of our White Papers every 30 days. By registering you’ll stay connected, informed, and have access to resources that allow you to increase your income, reduce your expense, and maximize your profits!

Register for your free gift today! Click Here

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